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Acuity Scheduling mention · April 12, 2019

How Gyms Use Front and Zapier to Communicate with their Members

Whether it's CrossFit, barre, Orangetheory, Camp Gladiator, martial arts, yoga, or anything in between, group exercise has exploded in the last decade. And with the advent of ClassPass, it's easier than ever for anyone to try something new. So how can a gym owner retain new members when trying more
Acuity Scheduling mention · March 29, 2019

The Best Appointment Scheduling Apps for 2019

If you run a business that relies on client appointments, you know how much effort it takes to plan and manage the calendar. Clients, customers, or patients contact you asking for an appointment, and you have to figure out when it can work. It only gets more complicated when more
Acuity Scheduling mention · June 6, 2018

A Pest Control Service Created an MVP With No Coding

When lightning strikes and you have an irresistible idea, you don't want to wait to launch it. You want to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and deliver it to your audience now. If you don't have an engineering and development background, though, building your idea on the more
Acuity Scheduling mention · July 19, 2017

The Scheduling Tips That Help Give Sight to the Blind

Noah Kates Rose didn't have a typical first day when he started as a Business Analyst at eSight Eyewear. "That day, I was watching a demonstration of this gentleman who came in with his wife holding his arm because he couldn't see. We get him in the chair, more
Acuity Scheduling update · May 11, 2017

Updates for Acuity Scheduling: Trigger Zaps on Certain Types of Appointments and More

Keep your other web tools updated based on changes to your schedule. Set up Acuity Scheduling Zaps that automatically send information about new, upcoming, canceled, or rescheduled appointments to your CRM, contact management, and email marketing apps. Thanks to recent updates to the Zapier + Acuity Scheduling integration, now more
Acuity Scheduling update · January 12, 2017

Acuity Scheduling Updates: Use Zaps to Auto-Create Package and Coupon Codes

Whether you provide fitness coaching or financial consultations, you know how crucial appointments are to the success of your service-based business. Now you can incentive your customers to schedule more appointments by sending them Acuity Scheduling discount codes and gift certificates. Once your customers have the codes, they can more
Acuity Scheduling update · December 5, 2016

New for Acuity Scheduling: Trigger Zaps When Appointments Are Rescheduled

When plans change, make sure your data does, too. Now you can use Zaps to automatically update your CRM, marketing, or spreadsheet tools whenever Acuity Scheduling appointments are rescheduled. Then you can rest assured that all your apps are up-to-date and everyone is on the same page. What's New more
Acuity Scheduling update · May 20, 2014

Send Acuity Scheduling Appointments to Hundreds of Apps with Zapier

Acuity Scheduling lets your clients book appointments with a simple online form. It makes sure not to double-book your time, takes care of cancellations if needed and now, starting today, it can hook up to the many other business apps you use via Zapier. With Acuity Scheduling on Zapier, you’ more

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