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Acuity Scheduling mention · June 6, 2018

A Pest Control Service Created an MVP With No Coding

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The 17 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

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The Scheduling Tips That Help Give Sight to the Blind

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Acuity Scheduling update · May 11, 2017

Updates for Acuity Scheduling: Trigger Zaps on Certain Types of Appointments and More

Keep your other web tools updated based on changes to your schedule. Set up Acuity Scheduling Zaps that automatically send information about new, upcoming, canceled, or rescheduled appointments to your CRM, contact management, and email marketing apps. Thanks to recent updates to the Zapier + Acuity Scheduling integration, now you more
Acuity Scheduling update · January 12, 2017

Acuity Scheduling Updates: Use Zaps to Auto-Create Package and Coupon Codes

Whether you provide fitness coaching or financial consultations, you know how crucial appointments are to the success of your service-based business. Now you can incentive your customers to schedule more appointments by sending them Acuity Scheduling discount codes and gift certificates. Once your customers have the codes, they can more
Acuity Scheduling mention · December 13, 2016

20 Web Apps That Ruled the Workplace in 2016

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Acuity Scheduling update · December 5, 2016

New for Acuity Scheduling: Trigger Zaps When Appointments Are Rescheduled

When plans change, make sure your data does, too. Now you can use Zaps to automatically update your CRM, marketing, or spreadsheet tools whenever Acuity Scheduling appointments are rescheduled. Then you can rest assured that all your apps are up-to-date and everyone is on the same page. What's more
Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew GuayLast updated October 7, 2016

The calendar app on your phone is likely enough to keep track of your personal meetings and appointments. That is, assuming your core business doesn't revolve around meetings. If you need to juggle a busy schedule of client appointments all day, every day, you'll quickly hit the limits of basic calendar tools.

You'll need a way for clients to book appointments at a time when you're available, and change them when needed. You and your client will need to be notified about that appointment—both to confirm the booking and to keep you from forgetting about it on the appointment's day. You'll likely still want your appointments to show up in your phone's calendar app. And, depending on your business, you may need to charge clients for the meeting, something that'd be better to take care of before they walk into your office.

Acuity Scheduling does it all. It's a scheduling app that lets customers manage their own appointments, right from your website or from Acuity Scheduling's custom page for your firm. They can see the times you're available, select when they want to meet with you—or even set up a recurring meeting, perhaps to get a hair cut at your barber shop every 2 weeks on the same day. Then, your signup form can ask for additional info—including name, email address, and any extra form fields you want to add—and can charge the customer for the booking. With that done, the customer can add the appointment to their own calendar, make an account to view all of their appointments with your firm, or even reschedule the appointment to another time you're available.

On your end, you'll first set up your appointment types, with custom times, pricing, and form fields for each one. Appointments can be public where anyone could book them, or can be private where only you can set them up or share them with a private link (perfect to offer special appointment openings or pricing to repeat customers). You'll manage your intake form questions together, and then can choose which of those form questions to include on each booking. And, you can set the hours you're available each day, with an override for specific days to book holidays. Sync your calendar to Acuity, and it can watch your calendar for other meetings and automatically mark you as unavailable for appointments during that time, along with adding client appointments to your calendar automatically.

You'll then be able to customize your Acuity Scheduling appointment page or embed it into your own site. Want to charge for appointments? You can use Stripe, Square, Braintree,, or PayPal to process your payments. You can also offer special packages to let customers buy 3 sessions at once, say, or sell gift certificates to let customers book appointments for others.

Then, you'll need to make sure no one misses their appointments—and that you don't forget an appointment, either. Acuity Scheduling keeps everything on track, with automated emails and SMS notifications. You'll get a reminder when the appointment is created, and when it's due. And, your appointments will be in your personal calendar, so you can glance at your phone and know what appointment's coming up next.

All you'll have to worry about is making your client meetings the best they can be—Acuity Scheduling takes care of the rest. You'll never have to juggle double-booked appointments or worry about contacts forgetting about a meeting again.

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