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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie Gonzaga · Last updated June 12, 2017
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Whether you’re an up-and-coming consultant or a seasoned medical practitioner, your service business relies on your clients’ ability to attend scheduled appointments. Unfortunately, many clients cancel without notice for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they scheduled an appointment when none of your staff are available. Maybe they have forgotten their appointment with your office all together.

With better client coordination, you’ll be able to reduce the number of cancellations and no-shows significantly. This in turn brings back business and builds trust with your clients. 10to8 is an online booking system that grounds itself on this mission. It takes the tedious work of scheduling appointments out of your hands and lets you focus on the work that matters to your profession.

The first meeting sets the tone for the rest of your client interactions, and you want to make a good first impression. 10to8 provides you with a unique URL (e.g. https://username.10to8.com), which you can share with your potential clients so they can schedule 1-to-1 services or group bookings. You can create services that match your business by going to Services under Set Up. You can then decide its type (1-to-1 vs group booking), duration, available times, booking restrictions, and price. Once you’ve added all your services, you can add your business details, staff members, availability times, and payment methods. Your clients can then book for services and select their best schedule accordingly. 10to8 will then provide a short form at the end of the booking process where they need to fill in their contact details.

New booking requests, messages, and change requests are collected in your Inbox. This is where you can approve/reject requests and respond to customer messages. The 10to8 calendar

gives you a visual overview of all of your finalized bookings so you know which of your staff members are busy or when your clients are coming in for their appointments. Clicking on an appointment slides open a window where you can view booking details, add notes, send messages to clients, and make changes to the booking. If you’re constantly away from the computer, you can turn on Calendar syncing to combine both your 10to8 and personal calendars within your favorite calendar app. This in turn prevents double booking at all times.

If you’re interested in testing out 10to8’s new calendar design, you’ll find a link at the bottom of the screen, which takes you to a weekly view where you can filter your calendar by staff, service type, active or cancelled bookings. If the new calendar doesn’t fit your needs or seems confusing, you can click on the same link to revert back to the old calendar.

It’s clear that 10to8 meets the basic requirements of a functional online booking system. But it takes it a step further by introducing 2-way chat, an online messaging tool built right into the app. You can send personal messages to clients ahead of their schedules, and allow them to respond right away. This beats email for client communication and ensures that your messages are received and read right away. You’ll find more options below the chat window to add notes or modify the client’s booking upon request.

Additional features such as reporting, client management, and room bookings give 10to8 even more booking power and flexibility. With these under the hood, service professionals all over the world can manage bookings with ease while building personal relationships with their clients. More importantly, 10to8 helps the business by preventing double booking, reducing no-shows, and expanding reach through multiple ways to book and process payments. If you’re a service provider and these are some of your biggest pain points, you’ll want to give 10to8 a try.

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10to8 Online Booking Features

  • Create, receive, and manage bookings anytime

    • Sync your personal and 10to8 calendars with your favorite calendar app
    • Send automated email and SMS reminders so your clients are up-to-date
    • Send personal messages to clients ahead of schedule via 2-way chat
    • iOS and Android apps available

10to8 Online Booking Pricing

  • Free Small Business plan for 100 appointments per month, 2 staff logins, 10to8 branding, and partial support

    • $25/month Grow plan for 300 appointments per month, 3 staff logins, custom branding, and full support
    • $50/month Bigger Business plan for 600 appointments per month, 6 staff logins, and custom branding
    • $150/month Enterprise plan for Bigger Business features with 2500 appointments per month and 25 staff logins

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10to8 is an online booking, appointment management and customer communication platform for small businesses to large enterprises. It can generate more business for you online, help you organise your time, and make sure your customers know when and where they should be.